“micro living house” 
-a WONDERWORLD project in collaboration 
with npfc, mmm and the world

Say hello to a whole new way of housing. Micro-Living is the vision for those who want smaller buildings and BIGGER living. Less square meters to clean and pay for, but more space to enjoy life. And of course, sustainable and self sustaining the whole way through....for your economy and for the environment.

In this catalogue you can read more about the Micro-Living concept which is designed to become an open platform. We therefore invite partners and collaborators to share our vision and work together in various ways. Micro-Living is community dreaming.

The project is initiated by NPFlint Consultancy and Micro Macro Monde and the first micro living - strawbale house was started at Micro Macro Monde in France in June 2010. You can see more by clicking here.

Below you will find the introduction to a project that can make you live so much more comfortable and independent - and sustainable....its called Micro Living. Very soon there will be an entire site here dedicated to Micro Living - actually its growing slowly these days and you will find postings also on my blog at http://npflint.5d-media.dk/?cat=41.

Niels Peter Flint

Initiator of the WONDERWORLD & Micro Living concepts

The Micro Living House concept

“living exceptional using a lot less”....

The concept is simple. We can live in totally new and exiting ways using a lot less matter. Decreasing our use of m2 will free matter that can help the ones on the planet who have nothing to be able to get at least a part of the cake - and that is needed. NO matter how bio, organic etc. we go in the developed part of the world (where we use the most) we still have to decrease our consumption of matter - but not really the use of services. The Micro Living house will be designed in such ways that you will have all your basic needs provided for, but using a lot less m2, furniture etc. The WONDERWORLD organization will provide you with facilities, tools & services that will help you live the most incredible life - partly based in a kind of community house. This could be - and please read more later:

  1. -Le MANGERI - the communal kitchen where you can cook if you want and eat for free or just come and in that case pay - or swob a service maybe in exchange for a dinner.

  2. -The MIcro Macro Monde & WONDERWORLD Academy - when others dont use their micro houses, other guests will come and maybe with you do courses of all sorts of things.

  3. -The GARDENS - there will be your own garden if you want - and yes the WW-organization can take care of it if you want. But there will also be communal gardens where vegetables are grown, fishes lives in ponds, chickens makes eggs etc.

....and many many more service and other elements will be available.

To say it short The WONDERWORLD organization is about living more WONDERFUL sustainable and taking care of the overall planning, running etc. of an entire community - The MICRO LIVING Houses project is about giving the individual the possibility for living exceptional with less m2 and less furniture and stuff in general.

Of course you will also be able to buy a Micro Living house and take it anywhere you want.

“buy-one-micro-credit-another one”....

The MICRO LIVING house project reaches further. The WONDERWORLD organization behind the ML Houses will offer with every purchase of a ML House to people who has enough already to make a micro credit available for people who have a lot less.

The concept is SUPER SIMPLE - you invest in your micro house and included is a micro credit somewhere else to help people who seriously need access to the m2 you are now not using by going MICRO.

The Micro Living concept “buy-one-micro-credit-one” - “share your square meters” will be thoroughly explained in the project description which will be available here at a later point.

the Micro Living concept

- from a to z

- living exceptional with a lot less - sharing with others

  - providing a community model and facilities for communal social activities and this way enhancing the possibility to live in full filling social relationships with others - all over the planet.

  - MICRO LIVING is about minimizing your physical impact yet increasing your well-being.

  - MICRO LIVING is about giving life new dimensions in all ways - ALSO by minimizing the economical needs for housing and many of the tools, props, utensils, objects etc. needed in a normal house EI. share tools, vehicles etc. - if you want - and save money, time etc. - maintenance, repair etc is taken care of by the WONDERWORLD service organization.

  - MICRO LIVING is about contributing to your local as well as global community through the unique “buy-one-micro-credit-another one” - “share your square meters” program which is part of MICRO LIVING.

Micro Living - open innovation and an integrated and evolving system

The Micro-Living House Concept is an open system with a platform ready for integration of specialized modules such as the “Mobile Kitchen”, the WET-space (a fusion of a bathroom, compost toilet, atelier, sauna etc.). There is simply made a series of individual Micro Living innovation projects that are being initiated by the WONDERWORLD organization in collaboration with various companies - initially mostly from Denmark.

The intention is to partly create a kind of “co-creation” platform where the Micro-Living components that are designed and developed are offered in a kind of open source system to facilitate a VERY flexible RADICAL SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION platform where the selected partners develop further and at the end share the eventual outcome – also in terms of money as well as experience - the WONDERWORLD org will partly design and facilitate these processes. The intention is to make up a strong backbone for the building of new innovative concepts that are part of the Micro Living House. Initially this is done with a small group of individuals and companies - later it will be opened to the world.

Glocal cross disciplinary collaboration

In the future architects, designers, builders or anyone who has ideas about how we can promote MICRO LIVING in general from around the world will be invited to design either modules or entire houses for the WONDERWORLD MicroLiving Platform.

Currently there are various places on the planet where possible WONDERWORLD / MICRO MACRO MONDE communities could be established. One is at MMM in France – financing is obviously an issue, but plans are being developed for this. One of the tools to be used is the Virtuous Circles system to barter “sustainable services” - please click here to visit the VC site.

The goal is to make “MicroLiving” - and in particular the Micro Living houses and communities kind of living organisms or structures that through serious and yet informal experimentation brings buildings and materials alive globally in new and radical sustainable ways. Concepts will be developed that can be reworked and altered according to future needs, local customs and into any of the creative dreams of the inhabitants. The “buy-one-micro-credit-one” - “share your square meters” will hopefully also add to the creative processes as in exchange of ideas between rich and poor / north and south / old and young etc. for how to improve life living with less can be achieved.

the Micro Living platform

– every season a new design

Following you will find a basic concept for the MicroLiving house as designed now.

Imagine the Micro Living house made by 2 to 3 containers placed on a raised platform so that firstly, it can be moved relatively easy - Second it will have little impact on the environment around them because it will be raised from the ground, leaving the earth free.

In many countries a 20 m2 self sustaining house (meaning not connected to any grid at all) will often not require any kind of permission to put up - especially if there is not a foundation. The ML house will legally be a kind of fusion of a cottage and a caravan / mobile home. This could be an advantage many places.

The seasonal aspect is another very important feature. ML houses will change according to the season. Possibly a major reason for our often alien relation to nature is that we dont sense and enjoy the seasons. Due to climate change we will probably see very big fluctuations in temperature and therefore – also – ML houses can change dramatically from summer to fall to winter to spring and back to summer. This way ML houses will not only consume less energy but be a more creative, exciting and flexible place to live.

A basic MicroLiving (container) house will consist of the following elements, technologies and specifications:

-The Micro Living house will based on app. a 20 m2 as a base – it should / will / could be possible to add an extra floor or even more. The first version will consist of 3 containers - 2 x 20 foot and 1 10 foot container.

-The foundation will be pillars, stones or other elements the so the house can be raised from the ground.

-The walls (high insulation in general)

Outer walls

  1. -Designed for possibly adding various heat / cool insulating materials on - basic structure will be Superwood.

Inner walls

-Designed so that rooms and walls can easily be remodeled using various materials, textiles (ei. Felt to insulate with in winters) - also “build-in” furniture will be part of the walls

-The Windows:

       -  Special energy windows

-Renewable energy production: 

-The intention is that ML houses are off the grid with everything – even water. Electricity can be made from solar cells, windmill, biogas and many other sources

-Heating system:

-Passive solar (big windows turned south in northern hemisphere) active solar, biogas, small wood burning oven)

  1. - Cooling / Ventilation system and indoor climate technique:               Passive cooling such as solar chimney, cross ventilation using doors and windows, awareness of materials etc.

  2. -Toilet / bath / water:

  3. - The toilet will be a composting toilet and the shower will be recycling water. Water will be harvested from rainwater, recycled, rinsed in reed bed etc.

the Micro Living house elements

There is an abundance of possibilities for making elements or modules for the MicroLiving Home. The list below only mentions a few. The idea is that a catalogue of open sourced modules could always be available, which means any module or element can be designed by really anyone.

-Flexible rooms in general: - the intention is that there will be as much flexibility in a Micro Living house as possible. A room can be an office during the day and in the evening it turns into a bedroom. ML houses will be full of wonderful innovative ideas in how to live an amazing life on a minimum of square meters.

-Add-on rooms: ML modules with fx. specialized furniture such as the bed in a box – becomes a terrace during the day, but opens up at night so you can sleep under the stars.

-Lofts and sleeping units:

-Kitchens / dining rooms: – there are lots of possibilities depending on whether your ML house is part of a ML Community and you will have access to a WONDERWORLD Community House, where kitchen, baths etc. will be available for shared use. This, in terms of social and environmental effects is considered the best solution.

-Bath & toilets: – will be described briefly later

-The office / The atelier: – your working space, your meditation space, your reflection space. A place in your micro universe which works differently.

-Children's space: - space for kids of course.

-Space savers

-Folding beds

-Adjustable tables

-Collapsible chairs and furniture in general

-Specialized closets and shelves, hidden in floor and walls – working as insulation buffer as well.

...and much more to come...

Interior elements

- Floors – can be designed in many different ways and a strong focus will be on how to use the floor space – above and below in new and innovative ways. Also the floor itself and its esthetic expression will be an important part of the house. Modular flooring will be a natural way to go.

- Doors – can do many things. They can be a wardrobe, a projection screen, a heater etc.

- Lights – can be integrated in walls, floors, ceiling or in furniture, but of course also stand alone elements. Atmospheric lights will be a very important part of a ML house. Lights can be part of the heating etc.

Exterior elements

- Terraces – are essential to ML houses since the following of the seasons is an integrated part of any ML house. However the terraces will also have many other functions such as micro gardens that are part of the water rinsing system it will all be described later. All terraces are mobile.

- Roofs – can be used for many purposes such as gardens, terraces, platforms for tents in the summer, expanding the living area in general when the weather allows it.

- Gardens – there will be many types of gardens from the micro gardens being part of the modular flooring to the external gardens that could be part of the ML house exterior.

- Green walls – are vertical water rinsing systems where water from the ML house will be rinsed either for being used again in the house or used for water irrigation – or maybe both.

Criteria for designs & materials

-Durable = Long lifespan (100 years)


-Micro life = very short lifespan, but made in such a way that it can be either reused or materials recycled in very efficient ways.

-Little need for maintenance

-Zero toxins and chemical vapors:

-Environmentally friendly materials (sourcing)

-Easily biodegradable and recycled materials (deconstructing)

-Odors: the materials used should provide a pleasant and natural odor, fx. using wood.

-Easy to clean

Micro Living
- sustainable business model

1) MICRO LIVING RICH Houses are sold at competitive market prices, at western markets, U.S., Europe and Asia from  MICRO LIVING Inc. or MMM Inc. This way development costs, design expenses, marketing, administration etc. is covered.

2)  MICRO LIVING BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid - low income groups primarily in the developing world) Houses are then sold through a micro credit (financed by buyers of MLRICH houses) at COST prices at developing markets, for example in India, but through an organization willing to organize MICRO LIVING houses and projects. The MLBOP houses are sold at a lowest possible price, that leaves no expenses for WONDERWORLD / MICRO LIVING Inc. but also no profits. These houses are sold and provided as a non-profit initiative, indirectly SPONSORED through the sale of MLRICH houses.

3) MICRO LOANS. Partnerships are made with financial institutions, who are willing to provide mortgage deals and renting arrangements for the houses, making it possible to pay for, for low-income population (BOP).

4) The technical model is that the "sponsored profits" from the sales of an MLRICH house (15%-20%)  are used to "pay" a financial institution for the upfront cost of the house (the down payment) giving the buyer an opportunity to get the house without paying an upfront sum, but only having to cover the ongoing terms from a mortgage loan (which is a great advantage as the fewest of poor people will have the means to save anything and therefore have money for a down payment). The technical arrangement also ensures that the upfront sponsorship of the house payment is at the banks disposal, but can never be paid out to the person buying the house, thus in the case that the owner, wants to sell the house, the sponsored upfront lump sum is deducted and the amount transferred to another buyer (or the house is sold to another participant in the program). 

5) The technical arrangement is dependent on the bank´s willingness to value the house at full price (the rebated price plus sponsored profits). Also in general it should be ensured that these micro living homes are designed in a manner where they confer with the "housing code" and are treated like real estate property (and not as a camper), which is the whole basis for this business model. Thus the houses should preferably have a life span of at least 100 years or more.

6) In order to qualify for this special housing deal, the person buying the house is obligated to take a brief course in ecological and sustainable living, following compost techniques, recycling and energy efficient routines. There will be established a program and an application system for people wanting a house under this scheme. Grants are given according to incomes, family conditions and sustainable aspirations.

The intention is that the ML house owners – in general - will become role models for the community in general – both in the developing world as well as in the developed world.

The training, building, financing etc. will all be done preferably by or in association with NGO´s operating locally.

  1. 7)By having this market sponsorship model, the Micro living house becomes a social innovation instrument, in line with micro loans etc. This will provide it with an advantage on the WESTERN markets, where it can be marketed more effectively through using the social/ethical/sustainable angle.

  2. 8)Other elements of the sustainable financial model for developing markets:The houses are as much as possible produced locally at the all markets, thus providing work for the local population. However there might be elements developed in one part of the world being relevant for another and therefore exported. 

Micro living Inc. assists the learning process with experts on site who will advise on the work.

9) Low-cost BOP-versions of Micro Living houses are a must, with fx. cheaper materials/more persons per house to drive down expenses.

As this is a very new way of thinking sustainable housing for the developing nations it would very likely that the project can gain financial support and attention, from fx. the World Bank and UN and other humanitarian institutions. But the intention is also that private companies seriously get involved very actively in not only developing and selling the houses in the developed world, but certainly also takes part in facilitating the BOP market – and this for both commercial as well as humanitarian purposes. These opportunities should be explored further.

- related product / partners

Micro Living houses as well as parts of the houses and their interiors as well as exteriors, services, energy system etc. will be developed further with external partners as well as on an open source platform. Partners has been found for certain parts and will will further be sought in relation to:

  1. -part energy solutions

  2. -windows

  3. -greenhouse

Partners has been found for the following:

- interior components such as kitchen and bath

-gardening systems (green roofs etc.)

  1. -main energy solutions

  2. -terraces / facades (Superwood)

  3. -various space solutions

Other MicroLiving-future dream components


& WC
buckingham palace

‘Buckingham Palace’ is a 1 m2 big bathroom/toilet (compost)/sauna / steambath unit, which is being developed at Micro Macro Monde. Its obviously the bathroom of the future since it ALSO is as self sustaining as you can possibly imagine. The intention is that you get the ultimate bathroom experience at the minimum of cost – both in terms of building costs but also in terms of use. The intention is that any Micro Living house could be equipped with a BP – as part of or being placed outside the house.

Buckingham Palace will be possible to make with a compost and urine separation toilet, biogas development unit, solar heating of water, rainwater harvesting etc.

Buckingham Palace will be developed further with a professional bathroom company as partner.

community house
modern social luxury

Part of the Micro Living idea is creating community – not big communities, maybe 10 to 20 Micro Living houses that share a kind of community center – a facility that we call a place for ”Social Luxury”. Today many of us sit in front of screens and have problems living together and loneliness has become an issue no-one talks very much about and yet knows it causes immense problems.

”Social Luxury” is having the possibility to be social again – as much as you want and when you want. In the Micro Living communities you will have ”Social Luxury” facilities such as a kind of spa called ”THE SPLASH” with woodburner sauna, mud baths and other exotic elements that any Conscious Holistic Hedonist spa must have – obviously the shared laundry is part of THE SPLASH since why not gather as many water activities as possible the same place – to save water and at the same time make your life more exciting.

Also there will be ”THE COOKEATERY” – a place where you eat together with the people you share the Micro Living community with – and maybe their friends and family. Here you can socialize and during the day maybe work – and during the evening maybe do other things. There will probably also be a multi functional space which you will be able to use for many different kind of purposes, but the main elements will always be ”THE SPLASH” and ”THE COOKEATERY” since these are two main elements in the everyday life of most people – eating and bathing and doing laundry. You might have a kitchen and bathroom in your house – you might not, but having the possibility to share with others is ”Social Luxury” in a world where sharing is getting less and less normal.

Other elements that might be part of the Micro Living Community house could be guest rooms, atelier, workshops of various kinds etc.

related product

As already described The Micro Living House project will through The WONDERWORLD / Micro Macro Monde Organization partner with various companies and other organizations in order to develop the needed products, materials etc. for the ML houses.

MicroLiving Marketing / Communication

Partners will benefit from the expected exposure that the Micro Living project is expected to get as well as being part of a progressive and innovative project.

Micro Living links:

This is an excellent link to a lot of info and images of micro houses round the planet - from Treehugger and Business Week:


I hope you will find the concept interesting and if you want more information regarding the Micro Living project please feel free to contact me.

Niels Peter Flint


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“Micro living has macro impact”. ‘Buckingham Palace’ is a combined bathroom, toilet and vanity & exercise machine. It even has a butt dryer. Its the ultimate micro bathroom.

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