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  1. -Welcome to NPFlint TV. The intention with this initiative is to show as many new ideas and solutions to the big and sometimes totally overwhelming challenges the world and all the species living on the planet are facing right now. The coming decade COULD become the worst in the history of modern man, BUT it could also go another way and become the start of the most amazing and fantastic era of modern mans history - if we want to - we have ALL the tools and resources to do it - the possibilities are endless - its only a matter of getting this only species on Planet Earth called homo sapiens to MINDSHIFT and start doing DEEP LIVING. And THAT is on one hand the biggest task you can possibly imagine and on the other hand the easiest and cheapest you could ever do - just start to think in new ways...........but WHAT WAYS....well just you wait and see what comes up here. Some might be almost irritating and annoying, but mind you - we are in front of an era that can throw humans into the biggest most amazing immaterial as well as material expansion ever - I call it DEEP might call it something else, but what I do here is share what I have learnt through my past 25 years in being involved in design and architecture with a sustainable or as i would rather say - a DEEP LIVING approach...

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  3. -If you want to see what has already been made then please have a look at where you will find lots of old clips. Then  of course there is youtube - here you will find the exdl-channel, where a lot of the material found on is placed, but you will also find other materials - its a bit chaotic but if you want to explore please do. Gradually this material will be put into a bit more order here on these pages - together with all the new material being developed.

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  5. -On my facebook profile you will find films and clips covering all sorts of topics. These clips will partly come here on this page ALSO from NOW on.

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  7. -Finally there is the new npflint blog on this site - please have a look there too.

The videos below are initially primarily from Micro Macro Monde. Gradually the repertoire will expand. Shortly you will see this site develop a lot with new themes and topics - not just developed by NPFlint TV but also others. The subscription function is still not functioning but will shortly.

Have fun and get wise - and tell me what you think - also

write if you want to get on the mailing list for updates.....

Niels Peter Flint

  1. -NPFLINT TV - Micro Macro Monde Diaries 2010

  2. -the MMM diaries videos will show what happens at MMM - we will try and make videos at least twice a week describing varies aspects of life on a place which is intended to become a platform for DEEP LIVING and experimentation with new ways of living, designing, working with self expressionism and a lot more - all to show that its possible to live totally sustainable and yet enjoy life to the fullest.


Good luck

Niels Peter

  1. -Other NPFLINT TV video examples:

  2. -one of the videos I have gotten some very interesting positive comments from is  the following ones about DIVINE DISHING - please have a look for yourself -

  1. -NPFLINT TV lectures:

  2. -there will be a series of my own lectures available on-line. The video below is from a lecture I gave in Mexico City last year fro more than 2000 primarily young architects and designers


  2. -there will be videos about WORLDBY & MICRO LIVING the below

  3. -is from an exhibition I was part of in Sharjah, The Emirates

  4. -with Nomad Academy in 2008.



Close the coming Micro Macro Monde Center is a fantastic place, where you as a true Conscious Holostic Hedonist absolutely can go if you want to experience life in new ways.

Claire Stickland and Ivan Payonnes amazing treehouse in the midst of an old walnut tree in La Renardière in Le Perche in France is a very unique place which you really only can experience properly by going there. However we have tried here to at least give you a taste of it in the video below and you can of course also go to to get more information and book the treehouse IF you can find a free date - its fully booked almost all year.



This is the first video of a series of small clips, which I hopefully will get done sooner or later,  from an Eco Village called Huehuecoyotl in Mexico. In my search for exiting places on the planet that can inspire the development of Micro Macro Monde as well as WORLDBY I have been staying here at Huehuecoyotl for a while and have found the place very interesting and therefore decided to make a series of small films describing this community in various ways. This is the first film from here - AND I hope Ill have the time to get the rest done asap.

  1. -NPFLINT TV  - more topics to come:

  2. -1000Y - about how we can create new systems around material flows that will last for (ever)...

  3. -DEEP LIVING - about the more holistic aspects of life - reports on unconventional blend of thoughts on how we can better ourselves and our relation to the system we live in and on.

  4. -FLUSH & FORGET - FLUSH & REMEMBER - about our complicated relationship with our daily matters that we tend to flush out into the unknown..lets become friends with our “bodily” produced resources.

AND LOTS MORE TO COME...It just takes time.... and hope you will enjoy - at least some of this material.

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-coming up later. You will be able to hear lectures etc.