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- a micro place with a macro impact

Introduction to Micro Macro Monde

By Niels Peter Flint

Lets face it – the world will again change dramatically. Its done it before, it will happen again. Richard Branson made it very clear on CNN recently that already within the next 5 years we should expect oil prices to skyrocket. This will affect almost everything we produce today – and of course or maybe especially the hospitality industry.

This project is a very radical innovative dream which is already started being created at an old watermill placed on a beautiful piece of land in France, 1,5 hours south of Paris. The concept you are about to get acquainted with is actually happening, but to expand it into the dream you will read about here it needs much more funding. And the next important thing is that this is the first projects – minimum 10 more should be established all over the planet – maybe 100 more – maybe thousands. However Micro Macro Monde is on the way.

The concept you see here is ”the micro version” – it takes its starting point in ”the Micro Macro Monde” project in France – the MACRO version you will see when the project expands – as you can partly see on some of the sketches – with the MMM WORLDBY project. The MMM WORLDBY project will make it possible for thousands of people to join – and this is when it gets really exiting. So jump on the airship and go sailing among the dreams in MMM. If you want an introduction to MMM WORLDBY first then please go here to see the video on www.npflint.com - go to WORLDBY or click here.

What is MMM? - the vision...Micro Macro Monde (MMM)?

Business of tomorrow is not just about making more economical profits for shareholders – its about making new norms for quality life based on sustainable production and consumption as well as responsible profit making and that will evidently look and feel very different also in hospitality.

THE MMM vision is to make very concrete places for exploring new aspects of modern life in the ultimate sustainable and enjoyable ways.

THE MMM centers will become places where you can come and get inspiration by visiting or even living permanently or nomadic – where you move from center to center.

THE MMM centers will give you possibility to work for shorter or longer periods professionally, as a non paid volunteer or you might teach, train, study, write, garden or do millions of other things – all things that could “make a difference”

THE MMM centers are not a regular hotels nor a retreat centers, nor universities, nor a company - its for people who want to see and feel the big perspectives in life – and do something for themselves – but something that supports others too - you could call it DEEP LIVING.

The MMM centers are this way real-life laboratories or platforms for creative experimental exploration of new sustainable lifestyle concepts AS WELL as a place to live and retreat, holiday, retire, study etc.. One of the most prominent new “lifestyle concepts” being experimented with at MMM already now is called MICRO LIVING, which you can read a lot more about later.

The MMM centers will become places where art, design, architecture and the more meets the immaterial dimensions of life – but in the ultimate sustainable setting.

The MMM centers will be a new kind of fusion-platform of “developing knowledge”, and “learning by doing centers”, retreat, hotel, “retirement-home”– with a kind of touch or slightly inspired by many other projects from all over the planet.

Micro Macro Monde Background:

The world will go through dramatic and amazingly interesting and very radical changes the coming decades – even more than what we have seen till now. This is mainly due to the challenges coming from the change of climate, which will have an effect on basically everything we do today. But we also have PEAK OIL coming and then of course increase in population and with that emerging and enormous markets opening such as china, india and elsewhere where a growing well educated middle-class is already now requiring the same commodities as we have in the west in terms of holiday possibilities. Its not only THE BIG challenge when it comes to sustainability its also THE BIG NEW MARKET in hospitality. Within this GLOBAL market there is a specific segment which this proposal aims at – Its called THE CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONIST


-are individuals from around the planet (foto aparna i pool – sort mand i pool – kinesere på tur) who already have travelled the planet and who now have big international networks and ”extended families”. A lot of them are divorced and have had several partners through their life whom they often still affiliate with. There kids live the same way – and none of them have the idea that they DONT want to end up in a retirement home when they grow old, but none of them are really willing to discuss their future as old now. A lot are gay or live in different or alternative ways. And a lot of them come from the so called ”Creative class” which often means that they dont necessarily have lots of money, but what they have they spend on the specific quality they think is appropriate for their lifestyle – and that means in terms of hotels for example rather a small exotic Bed&Breakfast” than a big multinational hotel chain when you go on holiday – even when you go on business.

-CHH drink beer from micro breweries, they eat organically produced food to a large extend, they spend quality time with their friends, family and kids, they drive Prius or fuel efficient OR old classical cars like Mercedes...and they are all looking for ”the meaning of life”....

-CHH´s are very conscious about what they do and buy and where they spend their leisure time. They try to be as holistic as possible but most of them are not part of any religion, however they often do yoga, tai chi, meditate etc. And lastly they throughly enjoy life to the fullest...thats why they are THE CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONIST and they love to show of in discreet ways that they are aware and conscious – but they would NEVER flag their attempts to do something different.

It is estimated that there are 50 to 100 million ”creatives” – with the general raised awareness among ”middleclassers”  worldwide it could easily be anticipated that there are more than 200 million CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS globally.


The Micro Macro Monde project is a niche but also a role-model making project – its a project which could become a kind of cult place – its a VERY different projects since it caters to people who dont really want to be different but they are different and they love mingling with like minded – evidently a project which will be copied as projects like Burning Man (started as a very small group project app. 15 years ago, now has more than 50.000 visitors + numerous similar events worldwide www.burningman.com). MMM will cater an audience very varied – but the focus will be THE CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS

So what does your ideal resting and rejuvenation periods look like in the future when you are a CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS – maybe even where do you live when you are a CHH..... in the future we will be looking far more inside than outside – and we will do that for many reasons – this will affect the way we perceive the notion ”holiday” and leisure time in general – and for CHH´s there wont really be a differentiation anymore – its all part of the same thing – its life and you live it to the fullest...and these are some of the topics that will lead us to change - some of them being very pragmatic such as:

-PEAK OIL - no more oil = new ways of spending leisure time, since it will not be very easy to fly around as we have been the last 30 years. Solutions will come but possibly for the coming 10 to 20 years we will therefore see a decrease in traditional mass traveling / tourism and therefore also in consumption of new hospitality products. The consequence of this is that lots of people will go for very long periods to other parts of the world – for example staying at a MMM center.

-LESS MONEY – the crisis will possibly continue – this could bring new concepts similar to the ”no fringe flying” in hospitality. MMM will in theory be for everyone – also some will have to work for staying for example. But there will be no ”servants quarters” – an MMM center will be for people who wants to be with people – being rich or poor.

-MAJOR CRASHES IN ECONOMY – this could also lead to new ways of financing new hospitality projects which are not longer purely hospitality but projects partly owned by the user, who also use the projects partly full-time. The MMM centers will consist of various financing models which will not be explained here, but some details can be found on www.npflint.com.

  1. -MICRO LIVING – is one of the new phenomenon – a way of thinking and doing new ways of living - that will show new ways – its a ”new trend” and it will have a big effect on many people globally (and business too unless it adjusts – we simply want less but better life quality) – the MMM project will give possibilities for anyone to live with less but with higher life quality and the actual property developments / investment possibilities at an MMM center for an individual will be buying a Micro Living house (please see more about the Micro Living concept at www.npflint.com - (click here to go to Micro Living)

-”THE OLDIES” – there will be a lot of old people in the future – a lot more than today and many will be rather well of AND they have travelled the world already and they want QUALITY, peace and yet action, conscious yet not religious, diverse yet not scattered. MMM will still be for everyone but there is a clear group who would be specifically interested in MMM and thats the older part of the baby-boom generation in the west. MMM will undoubtedly become a place where many older people will live a very active life till they ”depart”.

-CO-CREATION – is and will continue to be one of the very important buzz words for people being and living together. Its kind of ”build in” to MMM concept that you take part in work that needs to be done – if you want. A fair ”exchange” system will become part of the MMM facility, but ideally there will be no official ”visible” employes on an MMM center – yet the places could be run by some of big hotel chains.

-NEW TECHNOLOGY – will give new possibilities and will be used on MMM in appropriate ways. 

-CLIMATE ISSUES – and lastly and as explained earlier the climate changes will have huge influence on everything and its probably one of the main reasons for MMM to happen at all....

MMM the modern SANCTUARY

A day in MMM in a near future could be as diverse as your imagination – or to say it in a different way – MMM will be a place where CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS can thrive in the ultimate setting. This means lots of space for anything from painting, sculpturing, gardening to sports, yoga, meditation, cooking & dining and not the least and maybe join one of the very unique features in MMM - making projects of either non profit or for profit – but projects which one way or another are what could be characterized as ROLE MODEL projects. www.opodo.com has for years now had big success with ”Meaningful travel” and there are colossal amounts of examples of similar projects worldwide – in the world of tomorrow MMM will be a place where humans who have the need for doing something ”that makes sense” can live and do things in practical, functional and well organized manners. You dont have to travel through the jungle to help protecting the animals etc...you can do it through the projects MMM offers as part of a real live experiment. But yet its also a sanctuary – a place to lean back and think about life....have your deserved rest while you enjoy exquisite food, amazing inspirational talks, workshops, events etc. AND while you maybe do new experimental projects such as (just a few out of many):

The MMM natural swimming LAKE – we build the natural swimming lake where the grandchildren can swim and learn about nature.

The MMM SAUNA-BREAD OVEN-GREENHOUSE project – a project for the MMM SPA building CLUB and guests. A unit is build based on a MMM concept.

The MMM COMPOST-BIOGAS-KITCHEN-TOILET project. Another MMM concept being developed and build on site and possibly being used in other MMM projects worldwide.

GROW – plant trees and learn about the possibilities trees give us not just for fruits, but also as timber and maybe even as friends – when you have been part of the tree planting you get the right to come and pick fruits once a year from the trees you plant.

BEES – we cant live without them – everything about bees and how to make honey and what honey can be used for...people living at MMM make projects not just about making honey, but also on how do we protect the bees etc.

RAW – make it raw eat it raw – the easiest way to be really healthy and get happy food. We learn how to make raw-food and we eat it too.

The MMM GARDENS – there will be tons of gardening and farming – you can have your own garden or you can be part of a communal gardens – and there will be regular gardens, artistic gardens, water gardens, vertical gardens etc.

”Le Club MMM MANGERI” – cooking & dining together – private parties where experimental cooking is done (either by inhabitants, guests or the people in charge)...with a focus on RAW food maybe in the summers..Dining is obviously a very important dimension for all the CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS. Its PURE PLEASURE and DEEP LIVING in fusion.

The MMM EXHIBITIONS – The intention is that there will be various exhibitions happening at MMM – the themes could be numerous and could be up to  MMM inhabitants:

And more  projects can do be seen at www.npflint.com/deepliving...


In order to organize MMM already now CLUB MMM is being established as a way of users of MMM to be organized and know and have access to the entire network of individuals either being members of users of MMM. The intention is that this virtual as well as real community will support the sales of activities, services and products from MMM (the ”for profit” part) as well as promoting and marketing projects developed in and around MMM – you can read more about CLUB MMM at www.npflint.com please go to Micro Macro Monde – Club MMM.

MMM facilities for MMM FRANCE (just some to be mentioned)

These are the concrete facilities which any guest or inhabitant of an MMM center has access to – possibly 24/7 – this all depends on the way the centers are being managed. However as you will see many of the activities such as MMMEXERCISE is really a program developed to the individual and consisting of a fusion of ”work” and exercises – this is done purely in order to make life and work at an MMM center more appropriate. You simply get in contact with yourself in  different way by knowing that your exercise is not just exercise but actually also helps the community – and it is tasks that you can manage according to age, physique etc.

MMMexercise – numerous activities but NOT traditional gyms – The MMM-gyms are generally outdoor and ”back to the basics” - you work in the fields, in the gardens, building new houses etc. You live & work like we did before and do what your advisor will recommend you to do and what you like to do.

MMMindxercise – yoga, meditation etc....happening for real if some of the inhabitants living on site wants to teach – OR on giant screens from some of the other MMM places around the planet. This is one of the way of sharing AND using new technology – a yoga teacher in Mexico is able to teach several classes at the same time all over the globe – the only hinderance is the various time zones. Obviously also

Le CLUB MANGERI – the cooking and dining facilities...there  is of course a chef who can cook – but come and learn..or DIY – cooking is there if y want...equally you can always go to the gardens OR to the spa – have an aperitif made maybe by Mr. Olsen living in The Micro living house ODIN – he will this evening serve MJØD which he has made on the MMM  micro brewery...

MICRO MACRO BREW – a place where yes beer is brewed from what grows on the fields around MMM – BUT its a brewery run by the inhabitants of MMM.

Le WINE-COUTURE – of course there has to be a place where wine is made – we are in France. So there are wines growing and a small vineyard.

MMM Haute CHANGE Creature (MHCC) – why not change and and redo your clothing – its creative its fun and it gives meaning in so many ways. MHCC helps you get your hidden fashion designer out – and at the same time save masses of resources. Occasionally MMM fashion shows will be made and you can of course buy or borrow or rent costumes as well as .....

...and many many other rather unconventional activities....MMM is a modern

and many other MMM services...

In order to make the MMM centers run an administrative system is needed. This is where the professionals come in. The intention is that the users, guests, inhabitants do as much as ”they want” – the rest will be done by a kind of staff that either lives and is an integrated part of the centers or its done in more traditional ways. However there will be some who are responsible for the overall activities and who will guide, control, make payments etc. This part is being paid for through a MMM membership, which you pay partly according to an income perspective – this might sound very ideal, but really it has to be seen very pragmatically and of course tested and discussed before implementation.

Part of the many facilities and services will be:

MMM CHH healthcare:

Its obvious that with an audience or clientele which to  a large extend will be consists of probably at least 50 % older people the need for a very varied healthcare program is needed. But it also need to cater loads of different ways of thinking. Therefore as part of the MMM services which you pay for through your MMM membership is a team of advisor whom working with advanced technology gives all inhabitants the possibility of choosing whatever ”direction” you wanna go in terms of healthcare. If you want traditional western medicine that is possible – but obviously also an Ayurvedic possibility will be there as well as the fusion.


There will be a whole lot of bathing and pampering possibilities – ”spa-ing” will be a very important part of everyday life for people living and visiting the MMM centers. The spas will include numerous facilities but all heated or run using as little or the best available resource as possible. The steam and hot-water coming from the solar panels will go to the steam baths and from there to the washing machines etc.


There will be numerous facilities for making anything from wood work to advanced 3D modeling using 3D printers etc. If facilities are not available MMM will make sure that through the network locally there will be access to a needed facility.


MMM members will probably not fly in between the various MMM centers globally. Within a not very distant future the fusion of the cruise industry with the general hotel industry is evident.  This means that there will be MMM cruise-ships running on wind, biogas etc. And constantly sailing all over the planet being a kind of extended MMM center, but also a way of getting from one point to another. These ships will be very comfortable and have all the commodities one can dream of – BUT they will not be ordinary cruise-ships – they will be sailing exhibition centers too – so when they arrive in a harbor they are open for the public of the specific harbor – anyone can come and see what MMM is all about – and of course also sign up for becoming a member of MMM. Its literally a sailing marketing campaign.

So tomorrow you will be not just transported but the voyage will an integrated part of the trip you do.

THE MMM BUS – when arriving in any of the big stations / (air)ports (if you can still afford) – the MMM BUS will be there – a cocktail lounge double decker from London Transport now serving its second life in a rehabilitated version running on biogas...and serving fantastic cocktails on the way to your dream sanctuary.

And on we could go....there is much more to tell and describe when it comes to understanding the MMM concept. But for now this is hopefully enough to give you an idea of where it could all go.

If you want to read more about Micro Macro Monde please click here.

And more about how to become part of MMM click here: